What Are the Best Sustainable Fashion Books for Professionals Interested in Eco-Friendly Clothing?

As sustainability becomes more than just a buzzword in the fashion industry, more professionals are seeking to educate themselves on this crucial subject. Understanding the impacts of fast fashion on the environment and the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices is vital in the contemporary fashion landscape. One of the best ways to gain this knowledge is through reading. A wealth of information exists in the form of published books that are perfect resources for those interested in sustainable fashion. This article will introduce you to several key texts that are shaping the dialogue around sustainability in the fashion industry.

1. “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes” by Dana Thomas

The first book that we recommend is “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes” by Dana Thomas. This book highlights the grim realities of the fast-fashion industry and its devastating impacts on the environment and human rights.

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Thomas, a renowned journalist, takes readers on a journey through the dark underbelly of the fashion world, revealing the hidden costs of our clothing consumption. She also explores how technology and innovation can help usher in a new, more sustainable era of fashion. It’s an eye-opening read for anyone interested in understanding the true cost of the clothes we wear and the future of the industry.

2. “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” by Elizabeth L. Cline

In "Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion", Elizabeth L. Cline delves deep into the problems with our current consumption-focused fashion system. She explores the financial, environmental, and ethical consequences of fast fashion and offers solutions for a more sustainable approach to clothing.

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Cline’s investigative approach and thorough research provide a comprehensive understanding of the issue, making it an excellent resource for professionals wanting to align their work with eco-friendly principles. The book is a critical call to action for the fashion industry to rethink its practices and values.

3. “A Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying for Life” by Tara Button

Tara Button’s "A Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying for Life" is a manifesto for the ‘buy me once’ culture. In this work, Button discusses the origins of our throwaway society and how it impacts not only our environment but also our wellbeing.

This book encourages readers to adopt mindful buying habits, choosing quality over quantity, and appreciating the items we own. It’s an essential read for professionals in the sustainable fashion industry who want to promote lasting, quality products over disposable, trend-driven items.

4. “The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good” by Elizabeth L. Cline

Another impressive work by Elizabeth L. Cline, "The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good" is a practical guide to cultivating a wardrobe that is as ethical as it is stylish.

Cline provides actionable tips on how to choose sustainable brands, extend the lifespan of clothing, and make ethical fashion choices. This book is particularly useful for professionals in the field who are searching for practical ways to implement and promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

5. “The Sustainable Fashion Handbook” by Sandy Black

Last but not least, "The Sustainable Fashion Handbook" by Sandy Black is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between fashion, sustainability, and ethics. The book combines essays, interviews, and case studies from leading designers and brands in the field.

Black, a professor of fashion and textiles design and technology, offers a comprehensive view on sustainability in fashion, making this book a valuable resource for professionals keen on understanding and adopting sustainable practices. This handbook is an excellent blend of theory and practice on sustainable fashion, promoting a forward-thinking approach to design and manufacturing.

Each of these books provides a unique perspective on sustainable fashion, offering valuable insights for professionals interested in eco-friendly clothing. They are essential reads for those who want to be part of the change towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Remember, the future of fashion depends on the choices we make today.

6. “To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?” by Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle’s "To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?" is an important addition to any sustainable fashion professional’s reading list. Siegle is an established journalist and the book is a result of her decade-long investigation into the global fashion industry.

In this thought-provoking book, Siegle exposes the harsh realities of the fashion supply chain, detailing the ecological footprint of our clothes from raw materials to disposal. She also sheds light on the human rights abuses prevalent in the production process of many fast fashion brands.

The book challenges consumers and fashion professionals alike to reconsider their fashion choices, advocating for a more conscious and ethical approach to fashion. In an industry often characterized by excess and waste, Siegle pushes for a shift towards a more sustainable, fair trade model. This book is a must-read for those seeking to better understand the consequences of fast fashion and the importance of sustainability in the industry.

7. “Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe” by Greta Eagan

Greta Eagan’s "Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe" is a practical guide for individuals and professionals looking to make a positive impact through their clothing choices. Eagan, an eco-fashion blogger, uses her platform to show that fashion and sustainability can coexist.

Eagan provides readers with a simple and accessible toolkit, the “Integrity Index,” to evaluate the ethical and environmental credentials of their wardrobe. The book covers every aspect of a wardrobe makeover, from choosing organic and recycled fabrics, to making socially conscious decisions when shopping.

This book is especially useful for professionals in the fashion industry aiming to promote sustainable fashion practices. It serves as a great reminder that even the smallest changes can have a big impact, and that every wardrobe can be a force for change.


The demand for sustainable fashion is growing, and it is crucial for professionals in the industry to stay informed and educated. These aforementioned books provide a wealth of information and insights, from the realities and consequences of fast fashion to the ways in which we can promote and implement sustainable practices.

Through these reads, we not only learn about the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry but also how to make a difference. Each book offers a unique perspective, yet they all share a common message – the change towards a sustainable and ethical fashion industry starts with us, the consumers and professionals. By making informed and conscious decisions, we can help shape a more sustainable fashion future.

Whether you are a fashion designer, a retail professional, or simply a fashion enthusiast, these books will broaden your understanding of sustainable fashion and equip you with the knowledge to advocate for and promote eco-friendly practices in the industry. After all, there is no fashion on a dead planet.